The Bemer system represents ground breaking innovation, as it is the most effective and the best researched physical treatment, that is currently available. Ideal for pain management and general well-being, so it can be used safely in everyone from children to adults. Pets can also greatly benefit.

What is Bemer Vascular Therapy?

Bemer is a bio-physical application that activates the body’s own powers of self healing. It is a non-invasive, gentle to use tool for pain management. A unique impulse is sent to the body, which enables a deep flowing influence on the entire area. In this way, Bemer helps to maintain health and support healing.


Also proven to benefit post surgery with knees, shoulders, hips and joints. But why wait for surgery, because the Bemer is non-invasive, it’s worth an appointment before any traumatic surgery.

Importance of Blood Flow

Around 45,000 known medical conditions are floating around the planet. As many as 95% of these can be related to blood flow and microcirculation.

Our circulatory system is mainly made up of many micro-vessels, which can circulate two football fields in length. Bemer stimulates the flow in these tiny vessels, which helps recharge them. Therefore, the side effects are a feeling of balance and flow, feeling full of vitality.

BEMER Therapy is designed to improve blood flow in the smallest blood vessels, thereby supporting the body’s own self-healing and regeneration processes.

How Does Bemer Work for Pain Management?

Because of Bemer Therapy’s effects on microcirculation, and the resulting improvement in supply of flow, the cells can once again produce and provide increased amounts of energy. Therefore, they resume their tasks (production) with increased vigour. Through this “increase in production” and the consequent increase in blood flow, the body can re-enable its regulatory circulation. Thus, the body helps itself and can promote healing. It’s an ideal pain management tool.

Circulation is greatly increased during a treatment as you can see below.

Bemer Vascular Therapy is a must to try. Whether it’s for health, rejuvenation or pain management, the Bemer will benefit the body and facilitate enhanced healing.

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