Emotional (Freedom from Struggle) Coaching

If you’ve been thinking, or you’ve been told “There’s something wrong with you”, then it’s probably time to come and see us. You don’t have to do this alone.

Most People Can’t Do This On Their Own


You don't have to struggle alone
Don't be embarrassed, we all get stuck
If you don't fix it, it will get worse
What will life be like in 2, 5, or 10 years time?

Ask yourself these 3 Questions

1. What am I looking forward to?

If you’re stuck and life seems as though it’s just more of the same and so you’re really not looking forward to the future, then emotional coaching is for you.


2. Do I know what I want?

Most people just don’t know what they want. They know a lot about what they don’t want, but they’re stuck in the cycle of what they don’t want.

3. Is something missing?

If you describe yourself as ‘Happy Enough’, then that’s really not good enough. It’s only a step above depression and it’s likely that things will begin to slide fairly quickly.

Life wasn’t supposed to be a struggle. So if you’re struggling, it’s time to find out why

Close the Door on the Past & Move Forward with Confidence

Close the Door to the Past

Uncover the hidden obstacles that are holding you back

Clear the Path

Create tools to handle the patterns of the past that trigger old habits

Move Forward with Confidence

Create new tools to discover a future you only dreamt about

Who is it affecting?

I understand how you feel, we all struggle at times. It’s not your fault that things unfold the way they do. But that’s why we’ve put together this method of healing the emotional life. Because we’ve seen over the years how much people have struggled and how it’s come out in their physical body and so we decided to do something about it.

We think you deserve to feel great on the inside and the outside and we understand how you can get stuck in cycles of destruction. But if you don’t do anything about it, who is it really affecting? Sure it’s affecting you, but what about those around you? The kids, the husband, the family, the work colleagues. You may think you’re hiding it, but you’re not.

You deserve to feel great on the inside and the outside
Break the cycle of destruction
You can't do this alone
Your family deserves the best of you
Close the door on the past
Gayle Maree Stewart Natural Health

About Gayle

Gayle has been a Spiritual Counsellor for over 22 years and believes that the story of every human being can be improved.

“Most of us are not as happy and fulfilled as we’d like to be. We write, think and speak about living a happy and healthy life so that others can aspire to live a life of their dreams.

If the path to happiness is made simple, more people will be able to live a life they love.”

What our Clients are saying

It’s more clarity than therapy. Once I could see my life from another vantage point, it gave me confidence that I could change to become a better mother.

Jeannie S.

I look back now and I know I was expecting a ‘quick fix’. But of course it takes time and I’m really happy with how my new habits have begun to take over my life. I’m not so quick to anger and my family are pleased.

Robert D.

Life was supposed to be easy and if it’s not, it’s time to find out why. Then you can begin the process to love, happiness and a future you’re excited about, with people that you love and who love and appreciate you.