Dream Practice for Sale in Sunny
North Queensland

An Ideal Lifestyle Opportunity the Whole Family will Love

If you’re a Natural Health Practitioner ready for a change

this is your opportunity to swap stress for lifestyle without sacrificing time or money

Structural alignment
A Method that can be Duplicated
Regular and loyal clientele
Modern, up-to-date website
6 Figure recurring income
No. 1 Google Ranking
Cash/Card only (no insurance)
Online booking system
Less than 15% overheads
Currently working 30 hours a week
All 5 Star Google Reviews
Over 2500 physical client cards
Main Street Location

This is what life looks like…

Fresh Local Produce

Boating, Fishing & Skiing on the Lake

Pristine Crater Lakes & Water Falls

Imagine a life where your days are filled with joy, love, and fulfillment. Picture yourself basking in the warm glow of the sun, as you take a leisurely swim with your children during their school holidays. With a blissful two-hour lunch break, you effortlessly indulge in quality time, making cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Just a short, picturesque drive away lies the breathtaking Lake Eacham crater lake, a true haven of tranquility. As you arrive, the crystal-clear water beckons you, inviting you to surrender to its refreshing embrace. Drifting on your back, you gaze up at the vast expanse of the sky painted in shades of blue, feeling completely at peace. The surrounding tropical forest paints a mesmerizing backdrop, with a tranquil walking trail perfect for the entire family to explore.

Laughter fills the air as you playfully bond with your loved ones, feeling rejuvenated and alive. The day continues to unfold with pure delight as you transition seamlessly into the afternoon, welcoming clients you once dreamt about. These remarkable individuals are loyal, harmonious, punctual, and rarely miss an appointment. They are drawn to your natural healing clinic because what you do works wonders for them. The joy of witnessing their transformations fills your heart with an immense sense of purpose and accomplishment.

Every day, you witness the profound satisfaction of knowing that you possess the power to bring relief and healing to those in need, even when all hope seemed lost. And as if that weren’t enough, your practice flourishes abundantly, granting you the freedom to explore the world at your own pace.

Your travel dream adventures become a reality, as you seize the opportunity to embark on captivating journeys whenever you like. And all because you were brave enough to take the first step…

You don’t need to work long hours to live a lifestyle you love ♡

This is a Natural Therapies Clinic in the picturesque Tropical Tablelands that’s been established since 1986. With current owners since 2007 it has a loyal following from a wide range of clients that span well over 100km radius.

You’ll Love Everything About It

Picturesque Town

Family Lifestyle

Features of the Tropical Tablelands

An Ideal place to bring up your family or just enjoy a stress-free life.


Safe and easy lifestyle
Have the time to fish, ski and swim
One hour from the Great Barrier Reef
In the midst of waterfalls and pristine crater lakes
Sunshine most of the year
Turn-key Profitable Lifestyle Business

Work Smarter, not Harder & Enjoy it!

A Lifestyle that Benefits the Whole Family

practice in paradise

We’ve been where you are. Working long hours and hoping to get ahead, yet sacrificing your lifestyle and family time. But we found another way. A lifestyle business that benefits the whole family. Your family will be happier and you’ll love the outdoor lifestyle.

Imagine not having to make everybody in your family happy because the place you’re living in does that for you. Queensland is known for it’s warm weather and the Tropical Tablelands has the best of both worlds. The warmth of the tropics but the coolness of the elevation.

This means an outdoor lifestyle is an invitation to swim, bike, hike, boat or just relax, admire the lake and drink in the spectacular sunsets.

It’s also one of the easiest and safest places in Australia to raise healthy and happy children. And we should know, we raised 7 of them.


Our children have all grown and it’s time for our next phase of life. Our retirement creates an amazing opportunity for you.

Seems too good to be true? We say that ALL the time!

Here’s what to do now…

1. Contact us

Fill in the contact form below. Unless we talk you’ll always wonder whether you passed up the opportunity of a lifetime or not.

2. Check out the area

Don’t take our word for it. Hop on the internet or come visit. The Atherton Tablelands is one of the most beautiful and safest places in the world.

3. Work with us

We’ll ease you into it. Introduce you to loyal clients, show you our method if you choose to use it, and help you transition gently and effortlessly.

At under $100K this is a Rare Find.

There is only 1 available.

Don’t wait another 17 years for this to come up again.

Contact the owners Allan and Gayle now, to find out if this lifestyle is waiting for you

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Don’t miss this opportunity to give your family the lifestyle you’ve always dreamt about.