Reconnective Healing

The Bridge to a Better Feeling Body, Naturally

Amplify your Body’s Body’s Natural Healing

There are a wide range of holistic treatment options available for bringing the body, mind and spirit into balance. Some of these therapies are movement based and other are touch-based, and still others are energy based. Whatever the modality, all therapies should operate on the a basic principle that through creating the optimal conditions for the body, mind and spirit to come back into alignment, imbalances will self-correct and the body will heal.


All healing is self-healing. Every person can heal themselves. However it is sometimes quicker to use a bridge or conduit, often referred to as a healer.

Reconnective Healing shares the basic principle of returning the body to balance through touch and energy. It uses no poses or needles, meridians or techniques. But instead taps into the divine healing intelligence. The same intelligence that enables the body to heal from a cut as from a cancer.

When disease is systemic, it is critical to balance on the result wanted and not the disease itself.  Restoring balance requires focus on what is wanted, not what is reality.


As an individual comes into balance, the internal healing mechanisms are activated and the body begins to self adjust. Any interferences or imbalances dissipate as the body is returned to vibrant health. There is no body that is too ill or diseased that it cannot be healthy again.